K4K Launches Brand New Website

K4K Launches Brand New Website

K4K is very proud to unveil its brand new bilingual website accessible at www.kurlingforkids.com and .org as well as www.curlingpourlesenfants.com and .org.

The site’s goal is to fuel the Kurling for Kids movement growth by sharing its inspiration, history, mission, achievements and most importantly, by showing the faces, names and people behind the movement as well as those who are benifitting from it, namely the hospital foundations and their young patients that we all deeply care about.

“The fact that I founded the movement because of and after my daughter Jessica had her life saved by the excellent healthcare provided by Montreal’s two children hospitals is relevant for anyone to understand why we’re doing what we’re doing”, said Robert Sears, President and Founder of Kurling for Kids.

Today aged 22, Jessica Sears is a fine woman full of dreams and projects for her future. Her mere presence, smile and contagious energy is a tremendous source of inspiration for every participants, donators but also, for every child facing a life-threatening disease or condition. Her story is a genuine one and that’s why she graciously accepted to be featured on the website’s front page.

The site allows K4K to communicate more about its values and objectives, whereas before, the internet was basically only used to set-up tournaments and manage the fundraising.

“We will continue using the same internet platform we have been using for the past decade to manage teams and donations. The new website is merely a layer that we add to the old one to present a more accurate portrait of who we are. Our hope ultimately is to convince more people, donators and curling clubs to jump abord the K4K train”, said Robert.

What’s interesting with the brand new site is how it allows K4K to publish news and articles, show images and videos in a very user friendly fashion and also, empower readers to comment almost anywhere on pages and posts.

“We’re a community looking forward to grow by adding more and more people and this tool will surely help us to achieve that”, concluded Robert

Don’t hesitate to let us know how you like the site and how we could improve it.

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