The K4K Board

Raising funds for a good cause is a fantastic initiative but also an important responsibility in making sure that as much money as possible goes to the hospital foundations and as little as possible gets lost in administrative expenses or others.

To do so, Kurling for Kids relies on a team of highly engaged individuals who generously invest a significant portion of their free time to the cause’s success.

Over the years, their track record of $2,5M raised and remitted to both children hospital foundations speaks for itself.

Indeed, Kurling for Kids today is highly regarded as one of Montreal’s successful fund-raising organizations for both hospitals.

Here are the members of the K4K board for 2016-2017. Don’t hesitate to contact them, share your thoughts and — why not — give them a bit of encouragement!

robert sears kurling k4k
Founder & President

Robert has over 20 years of experience in the IT industry.  He founded Kurling for Kids in 1999 after his daughter Jessica received life-saving brain surgery.  As a way to thank the hospitals which saved Jessica’s life, he has helped to raise over $2 million dollars for the CHU Sainte-Justine Hospital and Montreal Children’s Hospital.  It is Robert’s goal to have a Kurling for Kids day all across Canada where curlers and curling clubs would help raise funds and buy much-needed equipment for their local hospitals.

In his free time Robert loves spending time with his wife Sylvie, two beautiful daughters Jessica and Alexandra, dog Marley and last but not least his cat Smokey!

carl mainguy vice-president kurling k4k

Carl has over 15 years’ experience in managing support and services teams in various high tech industries. He has been involved with K4K since the very beginning. Volunteering and improving healthcare for children has always been important to Carl. In 2003, it took on a personal twist when Carl’s only son fell ill shortly after birth and needed care from the very hospital K4K has been supporting.

john stone kurling kids k4k

Secretary/Treasurer of Kurling for Kids since 2013, and I have been a part of Kurling for Kids since 2005. I first started as a participant at the Montreal West Curling Club and shortly after the birth of my daughter my involvement escalated to become an organizer, and when Kurling for Kids became a registered charity I expressed my interest in being part of the Executive committee of Kurling for Kids.

Being involved with a charity whose sole purpose is to help support and change the lives of a sick child is inspiring and motivating.

By day I am a Senior Account Manager at a major Group Insurance Company in Canada, and by night and weekends I am a proud father of 2, and when not spending time with my children and wife, I am working to assist running a charity that since 1999 has help to raise over $2 million dollars.